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This is Studsvik

Studsvik offers a range of advanced technical services to the international nuclear power industry in waste treatment, decommissioning, engineering and services, and operating efficiency. In more than 60 years in the industry Studsvik has developed into a leading edge company with services covering the whole life cycle of a nuclear power plant. The company treats low and intermediate level waste at its own modern facilities in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible way. Studsvik also has qualified laboratories for testing irradiated and non-irradiated material.

Nuclear engineering is a growing and dynamic sector. New technology is improving efficiency in nuclear power plants and enabling better environmental and safety management. This coincides with many countries working actively to reduce their dependency on fossil energy sources such as oil, coal and gas. Major price changes and increased focus on climate impact are augmenting this trend. This renais­sance of nuclear power has triggered a consolidation, where many companies are striving to strengthen their posi­tions.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) predicts that production of nuclear-generated electricity can have doubled by 2030. The increase is expected to take place through modernization, new construction and replacing old reactors with new ones. Growth is following a clear trend, but due to the industry's dependence on decisions by public authorities it is sometimes difficult to assess in the short term.

2009 in brief

  • Loss after weak earnings in the USA and the United Kingdom
  • Continued strong growth in the consulting operations
  • New metal recycling facility opened in the United Kingdom
  • Order from Bruce Power worth SEK 250 million for treatment of steam generators
  • Order for treatment of Italian waste worth SEK 73 million
  • Belgian decommissioning order worth SEK 64 million
  • SVAFO sold to Swedish nuclear power producers
  • TTT sold THOR facility to the US government for USD 55 million


Studsvik's mission is to supply specialist services characterized by innovation, efficiency and safety to the international nuclear power industry. The Group does this by offering services mainly in waste, decommissioning, engineering and services and operating efficiency.





Demand for services in nuclear engineering is increasing on many markets. Studsvik is strengthening its position in priority markets through organic growth in combination with alliances and acquisitions.

Products and services

The Group is focusing on products and services that strengthen the customers' profitability, help to improve safety and make it easier for customers to be environmentally accountable. Studsvik has a long tradition of maintaining a high innovation rate and develops its own tech­nology and methods on the basis of the customers' requirements.


Studsvik has long experience of doing business in different geographical markets with high obstacles to entry. As a consequence, it has created a strong position in these markets, providing a platform for continued development of its offer­ing there. Studsvik has a strong global market position in some niche activities. This geographical spread can be utilized­ when more full-scale establishments in individual new markets are being considered. Establishments in new geographical markets will take place when demand for Studsvik's services is deemed sufficient.


Studsvik operates independently on the market and develops proprietary services in close cooperation with customers and public authorities. When developing new services or when bidding for major projects Studsvik's competitiveness can be strengthened by strategic partnerships, either with highly specialized niche players or global enterprises.


Studsvik's organization typically has short decision lines and a clear geographical management structure with a sharp focus­ on profitability and customer satisfaction. The business is run in five operating segments with their own geographical areas of responsibility. The company has four areas­ of operation, whose services are marketed within the framework of Groupwide Key Offerings, which are described­ at

Key ratios 2009 2008 2007
Net sales, SEK million 1,216.3 1,285.9 1,314.7
Operating profit, SEK million -30.0 12.7 62.1
Profit after net financial items, SEK millions -49.7 0.7 46.0
Earnings per share, SEK -4.28 -0.05 5.65
Operating margin, % neg 1.0 4.7
Equity-assets ratio, % 37.2 40.4 42.5
Equity per share, SEK 65.82 74.32 69.58
Average number of employees 1,132 1,130 1,141


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